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In this modern technology, newer versions of software overtake older ones. The end-users no longer make use of the outdated software when they consume the features of latest updates. Well most of us have done the same at some point in time. Microsoft Office suite includes two email clients:

Outlook Express that counts in an older version and now it has become obsolete whereas MS Outlook is the newest widely used email client. Both of them support different data file formats.

Microsoft is the world’s premier software company engaged in developing an indispensable software package, to ease the life of billions of people. MS Outlook Express was an email program which performed email communication on the previous version of Windows platform. On the other hand, Outlook is a popular email client that helps you get more done from anywhere with one unified view of your email, calendar, contacts, and attachments used globally both at personal and enterprise level. Outlook is a personal information manager in Microsoft Office suite which automatically surfaces your most important messages across all your email accounts.This email application is enhanced with mailbox components to easily view the calendar, share available timers and schedule meetings. Now Outlook Express has become obsolete and superseded by MS Outlook as a separate email program of a newer version of Windows operating system.

Why the need to migrate email arise all of a sudden?

Outlook Express store email messages in a separate data file called DBX files, with each file containing the email contents of an Outlook Express folder. All of the messages in Outlook Express inbox would exist in DBX data files. These DBX files are not immune to corruption and several reasons may corrupt the DBX files some of them includes abrupt system termination, hard disk crash and improper cancellation of Outlook Express. Sometimes a person faces a change of workplace and is bound to access all the mailbox item of Outlook Express in MS outlook. So, when the users of MS Outlook are in need to access the data files of Outlook Express or migrate for using Outlook client, there must be some compatibility issues regarding the file formats.Thus we need to migrate, our DBX files into PST format to effectively save DBX file from corruption and easy access of DBX files in MS Outlook.


There are two options which strike in users’ mind: either the person can resort to DBX to PST Converter freeware or opt for commercial ways. Commercial-ware is best suited for precise, effective and quick conversions, but comes at a price; on the other hand free one is based on users’ expertise and knowledge.

 Manual conversion of DBX to PST may result in data loss. How?

There is a common human tendency to put our own initial efforts to overcome the unfavorable situation. So we resort to all possible ways to accomplish minor DBX to PST conversion task on our system. But doing the task manually is not a piece of cake for all. Sometimes even a professional user does not have enough expertise, so what about the novice ones! An email message may contain photos, images, and graphics which are more prone to corruption during the manual operation. Also, the person can upgrade few DBX data files with ease, but it is difficult to migrate more email accounts subsequently.

How to perform DBX to PST conversion?

The user can implement few easy steps to convert DBX to PST.

Cautious: Performing a manual way to convert DBX to PST may result in loss of data, so you can avoid the situation by taking proper backup of the original files.

You can read more about some manual tactics for DBX to PST conversion here.

Newest and intuitive software utilities are developed from time to time to sort out minor to major issues of the end-user. Numerous software development firms are active in bringing newest cutting-edge conversion tools for the users’ services. Some software tools are pocket-friendly and efficient which can complete the conversion task in a jiffy with the amazing output.

Refer to this blog post to know how to repair DBX file

SysInfoTools DBX to PST Converter tool is a top-rated cost-effective Windows system utility enriched with rare features and functionality to convert your multiple DBX files into a single PST file. Novice users can use the utility with utmost ease with hi-end intuitive and interactive software interface. No technical expertise is needed prior to using the tool and anyone can excel in using the software.

Key features which accentuate the USP of the tool:

batch_processEffective and accurate batch conversion of DBX files into PST form as the chosen DBX files are converted into PST format at a single click.


Saves_dataSaves Output at desired location as the converted PST file can be saved with a new name at the desired destination location.


password_ProtectAdvanced password protection through the utility can be applied with the desired password to the new MS Outlook file.


User_friendlyUser-friendly Software Interface with an intuitive and fully interactive interface.The novice and computer professional does not require any technical expertise prior to using the utility.


ad_searchAdvanced Search Option is provided to efficiently locate DBX files easily.This feature is effective when the user does not know the exact location of the DBX files.


add_filesAdd PST to Outlook is an additional function so that the new generated PST file can easily be added to Outlook profile directly.


Wide support and compatibility features enable the software application to support all versions of MS Outlook and compatible with major Windows operating systems.

Where to find the software?

This is the final question that comes up in the mind of the user after going through all the stuff mentioned above.The users who are looking forward to an efficient email management solution to convert DBX to PST can browse dedicated official website of the company to explore various features and functionality. The conversion software is available at SysInfoTools DBX to PST Converter Software

DBX to PST Demo

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