An Easy Way to Import EML to Outlook

We better know that emailing has been included into our daily lives. In this modern world, emailing has become the most important task for any individual or organization. In these days, we cannot even imagine our life without email collaboration. If there were no email in this world, our daily tasks would become typical to be completed. Emails are excessively used for communication purpose. Be it an individual or an organization, email plays the most important role in communication with one another. Due to the excessive use of emails, email conversion is now very commonly seen.


Why Email Conversion is needed?

Today each and every individual is surrounded by various email applications. Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email client application among Windows users. Usually email clients do not support same file format for storing mailbox data. For example: Microsoft Outlook stores emails and other mailbox data into an Outlook data file which is called PST or personal storage table. Other email clients provided by Microsoft are Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail which store emails messages in DBX folders and EML files respectively. In earlier versions of Windows operating system like XP, Outlook Express is the available email client for users. Though users can also use MS Outlook, but Outlook Express is the default email program on Windows XP. In the later version of Windows like Windows Vista and Win 7, Outlook Express is replaced with Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail respectively. All these three email clients support different file formats for storing email messages. If you need to switch from one email client to another, the task of email conversion becomes essential.

Think you are using Windows Live Mail client, now you need to switch to Microsoft Outlook. All your old email messages are saved in EML format, but you cannot directly export them to Microsoft Outlook. Windows Live Mail supports a built-in feature by using which you can export your email  messages to either Microsoft Exchange or Outlook.

A very simple trick is used to import EML to Outlook 2016 which requires no such technical expertise. Just follow the simple steps shown below:

Step 1: Open Windows Live Mail client application on your system. Also, open Microsoft Outlook at the same time.

Step 2: Now click File tab > Export email > Email messages.

How to export EML to Outlook?

Step 3: On the Windows Live Mail Export wizard, select the format you want to export email to: Microsoft Exchange. Click Next to continue the process.

How to export EML to Outlook?

Step 4: A message will be appeared on your screen before the exporting process. Click OK to confirm it.

How to export EML to Outlook?

Step 5: Now select the mailbox folders you want to export to MS Outlook. Either you can select all folders or select a particular folder to export. Click OK to continue the process.


Step 6: The exporting process is being conducted on your system. Please wait until it gets successfully completed.

How to export EML to Outlook?

Step 7: Within a few seconds, the exporting process will be completed. Click Finish.

How to export EML to Outlook?

The above trick is easy and effective for manual conversion of EML files to PST format. Users can also try a third-party professional software to perform EML to PST conversion more quickly than the above manual trick. Exporting a bulk of email messages via this manual trick would be a time consuming task. But if you try smart EML to PST Converter software, it will hardly take a couple of minutes. There is no such limitation for selecting EML files, i.e. users can select multiple files at a time for batch conversion. Before purchasing the licensed version, download demo version of this software for free evaluation purpose. Any technical or non-technical user can use this software with ease. It doesn’t require any prior technical expertise.

EML to PST Converter Demo

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